Stop Mobile Fraud

Do You Have the Visibility You Need to Find and Halt Mobile Fraud?

The amount of people using their phones to pay for goods and services continues to climb, and mobile devices are on track to replace cash and cards in the near future. But cybercriminals are already exploiting the unique security vulnerabilities inherent in mobile devices using a variety of threats specifically designed for the platform. Boost protection against mobile attacks to prevent fraud and safeguard your customers.


How we can help you stop attacks on the mobile channel:

Real-time mobile threat visibility and deactivation.


Baked-in mobile application security

Seamlessly integrate secure navigation, malware detection and push authentication technology into any native mobile application through our mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs).


Reduce the malicious app lifecycle and threat window

Scan all official and third-party app stores and take down any unauthorized applications making use of your brand and trademarks.


Instant attack analytics to safeguard end-user mobile devices

Proactively measure the amount of risk exposure customers bring to your institution. Get detailed information about end-user device status and attributes to enhance risk-based decision-making and identify potential account takeover before it happens.


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