Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Retrieve cash from the ATM more securely than ever before, without a card.

Drastically reduce the risk of fraud at the ATM by eliminating the need for a debit card to obtain cash. A highly-advanced authentication system allows customers to pre-order cash through a banking app, then retrieve the cash at a participating ATM using a one time password. This state-of-the-art method reduces the risks of skimming and ensures that legitimate customers are the only ones with access to their funds.


How we can help you cut card cloning risk exposure:

Let customers securely transfer funds without a card.


Give Customers Access to Cash through a Frictionless Process

Users can still access cash even if their card is missing or stolen, an invaluable service during emergencies or when a customer needs cash quickly. By authenticating through a one time password instead of the traditional card and PIN system, customers can retrieve cash without worrying about their PIN being stolen or their card being skimmed.


Promote ATM Usage while Decreasing Overhead

With an increasing number of people turning to mobile banking, gain and retain customers by providing a hassle-free method of obtaining cash that starts with a smartphone or computer. Banks can reduce overhead associated with branch operations as more customers will opt to use cardless cash withdrawal. Additionally, banks will reduce the time and money spent investigating and rectifying ATM-related fraud.


Make ATM Skimming a Problem of the Past

Eliminating the need for cards at the ATM also eliminates the risk of sensitive information being stolen through the act of skimming. With cardless cash withdrawal, customer information is still secure even if criminals have tampered with an ATM.

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