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Detect Safe Browsing®

Proactive endpoint risk detection and protection to suit any client or security scenario.

Prevent compromised devices from enabling digital identity fraud. Detect Safe Browsing leverages a layered approach to mitigate financial malware attacks and other endpoint risks through three complementary technologies: a client that protects desktop devices, a software development kit (SDK) to safeguard mobile applications and browsing, and a clientless solution that defends transactional websites.

Neutralize Targeted and Zero-Day Malware

Identify and immobilize sophisticated threats such as web injections, credential grabbing, man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, password stealers and more.

Enhance Account Takeover Protection

Augment existing malware controls and defend every end user with protection tailored to their needs.

Measure and Respond to Session Risk

Block online and mobile threats in real time, and leverage threat analytics to quickly and decisively act before fraud can occur.

Proactive Phishing Detection through Artificial Intelligence

New attacks are more effective in their first few hours, making early detection crucial. The Detect Safe Browsing endpoint client uses machine learning to predictively classify new phishing domains. This protects all end users with the client installed from any new malicious sites within minutes, even if they are only detected on a single device.

Transparent Malware Detection for All Users

Detect Safe Browsing’s clientless solution seamlessly integrates malware detection into your critical websites. This provides a swift assessment of the type and risk level of the malware attacking your organization, while covering 100% of your customers with no client download required.

Frictionless Mobile Device Protection

Find mobile devices at risk before fraud can occur, collect device analytics to accurately measure risk exposure, and integrate an extra fortified layer of self-protection into your native apps. Detect Safe Browsing’s mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) can be integrated into any custom application with zero end-user friction.

Transparent Collaborative Protection

AppGate safe browsing technology works collaboratively with our threat intelligence solutions. In this way, phishing sites detected by one device running the safe browsing client can be slated for takedown within minutes. Removing the sites spreading malware safeguards the entire end-user population, even those that do not have a protection client installed on their devices.

A Malware Snapshot to Quantify Risk in Real Time

Using Detect Safe Browsing’s clientless Malware Snapshot feature, malware-injected pages are immediately captured to enhance detection accuracy and aid in forensic investigations. This provides you with the crucial evidence you need to immediately identify victimized users and respond to the risks presented by today’s newest and most dangerous malware attacks.

Risk Controller™ to Customize Mobile Threat Mitigation

The Risk Controller feature lets you define what constitutes a safe mobile environment for your application to run in, allowing for the assessment of mobile devices based on a variety of risk factors. Trigger risk-based authentication or restrict the access and functionality of devices that violate the tolerance parameters you set.

Strong Defense Against Banking Trojans

Detect Safe Browsing’s downloadable client-side application for PCs protects digital banking sessions from harmful banking Trojans. DSB Client protects end-user bank accounts from unauthorized logins by quarantining the malware so it cannot download its malicious payload, steal login credentials, or communicate with its command and control servers – rendering any Trojan attack impotent.

Stop Fraud During the Cash-Out Phase

See how end users are logging onto your institution’s transactional webpages and what they are doing in-session. The Browsing Context Analytics feature from DSB Clientless helps distinguish between genuine end users from potential attackers, so you know when a transaction is legitimate, and when there is no end user behind the keyboard.

Make Your Own Risk Tolerance Rules

DSB Clientless Threat Level Controller gives institutions the ability to be agile. Adjust your risk tolerance and respond to known and emerging cyber-threats according to your firm’s risk policies. Choose to categorize threats as ‘Ignore’, ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, or ‘High’ severity for a number of different risk factors. This risk indicator threat level can be set instantly, in real time, so that if situations change, so can your threat risk policy.

Uncover Anonymous Connections to Your Platform

Modern-day cybercriminals often connect to a financial institution’s web banking platform under the cover of anonymity via proxies or VPNs. But with Anonymous Visits Detection from DSB Clientless, banks have the tools they need to stop a fraudster whose cloaking their identity and attempting to break into an online account.

Protect Your End Users Against Smishing Attacks

DSB Mobile SDK offers a kind of protection that many other security vendors overlook – defense against phishing via SMS text messages – an attack known as Smishing. The solution scans the SMS text messages on your end users’ smartphones, looking for known phishing URLs and unknown but suspicious links, which are then flagged for analysis.

Repackaged App Detection on Android Devices

DSB Mobile SDK protects an institution’s end users against repackaged applications by looking for any that may be present on their mobile devices. The institution is given full visibility, and is empowered to review and determine which app publishers are malicious, distinguish between legitimate and malicious rogue apps, and ensure that end users won’t fall victim to the malware contained in a repackaged application.

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